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Required Preparation for your MRI Exam:


You have been scheduled for an MRI exam. An MRI is a

highly detailed picture obtained by the use of very

powerful magnetic fields. Due to these powerful magnetic

fields, metal and electronic objects on, or inside you, can

pose a potential risk to you.


Metal objects such as jewelry, buttons, keys, and bullets can interfere with the MRI exam. Any metal in the machine can also warm up during the MRI procedure, causing pain and injury.


You will be asked to remove all metal before your procedure. This includes rings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, etc. If you can, please leave these at home.

Please wear comfortable clothing that does not have any metal on it, including buttons, zippers, or snaps. If you arrive for your exam wearing these, you will be required to change into a gown. 

If you have any implanted electronic device, such as a pacemaker, neuro-stimulator, or any other device, please call the MRI technologist at 727-528-6100 x 602 prior to your appointment day. Special arrangements may need to be made for these devices.


Please show up for your appointment 10 minutes early. You will be required to fill out a safety form. Bring reading glasses if necessary. There are no restrictions on eating or drinking prior to your MRI exam.


Press play on the video below for further information...we look forward to serving you!

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